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Migration Kit


Soar with Lakeside Bank

Join the migration to the fastest-growing local bank. We’ve put everything you need in one convenient kit. Just follow the checklist and use the convenient forms we’ve included below!

And if you need some help…

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Step-by-step instructions

1. Open an account

2. Sign up for Lakeside Bank online banking

  • Easily track your direct deposits, automatic withdrawals, or payments and checks as they clear your Lakeside Bank account. Click here to sign up!

3. Stop using your former account and start using your Lakeside Bank account ASAP

  • Be sure to leave sufficient funds in your former account until all of your checks have cleared and any automatic withdrawals have been successfully transferred to Lakeside Bank.

4. Change your direct deposits to Lakeside Bank

  • Use the Direct Deposit Authorization Change Form to change any direct deposits. Remember to attach a voided Lakeside check to this form.

5. Change your automatic payments or withdrawals to Lakeside Bank

6. Close your former account at the other institution

  • Use the Account Closing Form to close your account at the other banking institution once you are sure all checks have cleared.
  • Once you close your account at the other institution, remember to shred or destroy any old checks for security purposes.

We’re here to lend a helping hand!

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